Pietra Calacatta

Φ35mm Ultralight RFID Epoxy Tag

Chip: Ultralight

Epoxy Tag

Tag Size:Φ35mm
Antenna size:Φ27mm

Samples available


Ultralight Specification

1.NDEF format
2.ISO/IEC 14443A
3.Operating frequency : 13.56 MHz
4.64byte total memory, 48 bytes of user memory

5.Operating distance: Up to 100mm depending on field strength and antenna geometry)


CMYK off set printing, Pantone color, Uinque QR, serial number,encoding an URL or numbers or text into the chip.

Normal Ring:

black rope, Round ring, Lobster metal ring or customzied

Packaging: 2000pcs or 3000pcs each carton

Other  available or customized size

What you see What you see, what you get!!  Thank you!

Any questions,Please feel free contact us.

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